Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best and Boo in a 67th Golden Globe Fashion - Part 1

hi all...these are some of my comments on the fashion of Female Celebrities in 67th Golden Globe Awards yesterday...they hits the red carpet with variety of fashion, dress and gown, hair and make up...for us to do's and dont's...

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1. Chloe Sevigny - BOO : ur ruffle just TOO overload
2. Diane Kruger - YEAY : although the dress is not a winner...the shading of the colour is definitely one of the best
3. Maggie Gyllenhaal - YEAY : great combination of mermaid style and origami effects

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1. Lea Michelle - YEAY : very classy
2. Tina Fey : BOO - hate the print, hate the length, hate the dress
3. Penelope Cruz - YEAY : nice lace...the fishtail is stunning

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1. Julianne Moore - the unfitted style of the striking coloring
2. Fergie - BOO : ur combination of hair, make up and dress just dont fit and not right
3.Ginnifer Goodwin - YEAY : pretty and nice combination short dress with the short hair

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1. Heather Graham - YEAY : simple, elegance and nice slit ;)
2. Mariah Carey - BOO : ur cleavage of course...too revealing (as always...why Mariah? why?)
3. Glenn Close - YEAY : she knows how old she is...so she sparkled in a very mature glamour

i know that im not a professional fashion expert...this is just my opinion and view from my own fashion interest to share with all of u...as always...different people have a different perspective...so enjoy...and there are still more to come...so stay tuned...cheers... :)

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