Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best and Boo in a 67th Golden Globe Fashion - Part 2

this is the continuance on the comments and opinion of fashion do's and dont's...during 67th Golden Globe Awards...

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1. Kristen Bell - BOO : really cute dress...but...why that shoes?? why??
2. Christina Hendricks - BOO : bad cut, bad colour, bad oversized ruffles
3. Anna Kendrick - YEAY : this is what we call nice ruffles...its balance with the one-shoulder silhouette and fishtail

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1. Patricia Arquette - BOO : bad colour...the gray just washed her out
2. Marion Cotillard - YEAY : playing peek-a-boo with the lace under her nice emerald satin dress
3. Leona Lewis - YEAY : nice combination of purple colour, right style and silhouette

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1. Jennifer Garner - YEAY : this is the right way to wear neutral trend
2. Cameron Diaz - YEAY : she shine in a vibrant red dress and escape from the normal black or gray dress like others
3. Heidi Klum - YEAY : this is the best gray dress of the night

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1. Courtney Cox - YEAY : she make the major trend of beaded waistline totally different
2. Drew Barrymore - BOO : this gown is sparkly, sheerness and nice details on the shoulder...but why there should be weird protrusion at the hip
3. Vera Farmiga - YEAY : really nice strapless black mermaid silhouette gown

so, what do u all think? r u agree with me or u have another perspective...cheers : )

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